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Who are we?

We are a Mexican design studio, dedicated to celebrating creativity. We mainly design ceramic pieces that create a dialogue between different disciplines such as cooks, architects, businessmen and designers.

Functionality and simplicity are fundamental characteristics of our creations. We design ceramic utility pieces for the food industry. We know that ceramics adds to the culinary experience, therefore, we have developed warm and intimate forms that appeal to the emotions of the end user.

We complement the designs with enamels full of textures and colors that adapt to the concept of each client.

How do we work?

We take a process of personal attention with each client. It is important to understand the concept, colors, ideas, motive and emotions of each project in order to obtain the best result.

We work with high temperature ceramics, also known as Stoneware. This ceramic burns at 1,200 ° C, achieving that all the minerals are compressed almost to their maximum and resulting in very resistant pieces. The ceramics can be put in the lavaloza, the microwave oven and the conventional oven. All our glazes are food grade.

The raw material (glazes and clays) are national. The design is homemade and production takes place in a workshop in Mexico City. We believe in local production and consumption, and in mutual support of new projects emerging in this great country.

Our History

Menat Studio begins in 2014, with two incredible projects: -Hotel Carlota- for the development of crockery, and -Buna- for the development of cups for specialty coffee.

These five years have allowed us to remain immersed in the world of ceramics to develop new proposals and techniques and thus follow a process of creative and personal development with each client.